Educational and training materials for
children 10 to 12 covering Sephardic history,
customs, festivals, music, food and folklore.
Programs for adults too.

Teaching Resources

To schedule a teacher workshop in the U.S.,
please contact:

Andrée Aelion Brooks 
Phone: 425-502-7482


TTeacher Materials & Workshops

Teacher's Notes and Resource Guide - Book IV

This additional book (IV) covers all lessons to guide teachers through the series. Includes a Resource Guide: lectures, field trips, videos and books for the family to share. It can help you enhance your units on "Jews from other lands."

For a variety of other contemporary and mass market books (including novels) on Sephardic history and culture, we also recommend


Teacher workshops can be arranged to assist in the following:

  • to enable teachers to develop confidence in using the materials, games, activities and tasks in our "Out of Spain" series as it covers unfamiliar territory 
  • to better integrate the music of the Jews of Spain into their Jewish history teachings
  • to illustrate our multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning through workshop activities
  • to gain a greater understanding of the history of the conversos, anousim and crypto Jews who are increasingly joining mainstream Jewish congregations 
  • to discuss ways to integrate our worksheets into existing learning units 
  • to explore the larger history of Jewish immigration in America  through the Sephardic experience