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Teacher's Notes and Resource Guide - Book IV

This additional book (IV) covers all lessons to guide teachers through the series. Includes a Resource Guide: lectures, field trips, videos and books for the family to share. It can help you enhance your units on "Jews from other lands."

For a variety of other contemporary and mass market books (including novels) on Sephardic history and culture, we also recommend


Teacher workshops can be arranged to assist in the following:

  • to enable teachers to develop confidence in using the materials, games, activities and tasks in our "Out of Spain" series as it covers unfamiliar territory 
  • to better integrate the music of the Jews of Spain into their Jewish history teachings
  • to illustrate our multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning through workshop activities
  • to gain a greater understanding of the history of the conversos, anousim and crypto Jews who are increasingly joining mainstream Jewish congregations 
  • to discuss ways to integrate our worksheets into existing learning units 
  • to explore the larger history of Jewish immigration in America  through the Sephardic experience

Educational and training materials for
children 10 to 12 covering Sephardic history,
customs, festivals, music, food and folklore.
Programs for adults too.

To schedule a teacher workshop in the U.S.,
please contact:

Andrée Aelion Brooks 
Phone: 203-226-9834

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