‚ÄčEducational and training materials for
children 10 to 12 covering Sephardic history,
customs, festivals, music, food and folklore.
Programs for adults too.

1. Student Books & Materials (including lesson plans)   (for adult programs see below)

"Out of Spain" is a collection of multi-media resource materials and student books for the Jewish classroom. It teaches children about the lives of the Jews from Spain both before and after the expulsion of 1492. No prior knowledge or extended time is needed. Each lesson or activity can stand alone. Already purchased by more than 400 schools.  The program consists of: 
* two lively student books that explore the 2,000-year history of these Jews
* a third student book that looks at their festivals, music, customs and food
* a teacher's guide providing guidance and background for the instructor
* a video/DVD about Jewish life during the Golden Age of Spain
* training workshops for teachers and presentations for your student/adult learners
* a music CD with songs that accompany certain lessons

Target age 10-12 yrs. Useful for adult learners too.

*We can come to your school and give presentations to your students to go along with the lessons. Call us (203-226-9834) for details.  

2. Teacher Materials and Workshops

Teacher workshops can be arranged directly with the school or coordinated through the local Bureau of Jewish Education as part of a regional conference. Find Out More on our "Order our Products" page.  

3. Adult Lectures & Books

Learn about "The Woman Who Defied Kings", the first comprehensive biography of Dona Gracia Nasi to be based upon the original 16th century documents, many of which are new findings. Also, learn about other lesser-known stories of Jewish history: the Caribbean and its Jewish past, the origins and untold story of the Russian Jews, the birth of Ashkenaz, the history of the Jewish doctor, the Jews in the Renaissance and more. All on our "Adult Lectures and Books"page.

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